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Mentally ill needs help, care, tools to make it easier to live with mental problems. Including developing a forum and chat to make it easy to communicate with others with mental problems.

My own experience with psychological problems I have from the workplace Skejby Hospital from the year 2002. As well as my interest in psychology knowledge which I read on the internet.

Learning psychology knowledge and psychological tools has been a great help. where doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists have previously failed.

Workplace in year 20002, Skejby Hospital

Short description of my workplace in year 20002, and what we all can learn from it. I was hired by the leaders from Skejby Hospital. But I never got a contract for my job. The coworkers was badly cooperating and badly knowledge exchange. No renewed education, and leaders and coworkers don't know where to put me or use me as a coworker. After a year the other coworkers didn't know why I still am on the workplace, when I never got a employment contract. Renewed education, cooperation, knowledge sharing was very limited.

Bullying and sexual harassment began because I could not be fired, because I never got an employment contract. And then in a sick condition, I was sent several times into the X-ray room to scare myself so much that I was unable to meet at the hospital and workplace.

I opened up my feelings and sexuality to the opposite sex at a late age. This was simultaneously punished and damaged by colleagues' bullying, as well as shock and fear experiences in the X-ray room.

List of my help and tools to mental ill people.

Tools name

Tools description

Conversation Therapy

Talk together about your own feelings, thoughts, acts, reactions, experiences from the past. No use of therapy tools to see the things happening in the past from another angle.
Here a tool "help to help yourself" is a great tool. Where you are talking with others in a little group. Others that have feelings and thoughts and diagnosis like yourself.

Remember that the "mental ill patient" does often both have the problems and the solutions to those problems. Help from other humans can be like help the "mental ill patient" in the right direction to find those good solutions to it's own problems.

It is prohibited to tell the "mental ill patient" about your own experiences in life, or tell about your sense and assessment about the "mental ill patient".

Desaster Recovery Therapy

Desaster Recovery (Life is here pictured as a tree). With focus on everything in life, from the past. Everything from burth, childhood, all the years to adult.
Every tiny pice from all the years of life must be analysed and processed mentally with help from all the other psychology therapy tools.

Image: Life tree 1

Image: Life tree 2

Psychology Analyse Therapy

Psychology analyse by use of splitting, and analyse of all the feelings and thoughts. And collect all the many new words with new headlines. Headlines that can help make a little more distance to the details of the "true details of the bad history". (Only use true headlines, with less details. Telling the true of the history of bad experience from the past) (Never ever change the true, to something else, that is different from the true history)

With this tool, it is like split a coffe maker into many tiny pices. Change colors, size, shape of the pices. Create new headlines that describe the coffe maker, with it's new changed pices. It is still a coffe maker, after the parts inside was changed. This tool is difficult to learn, and very hard work to master. After month and years of repeating use of this tool, the coffee maker (or your own mental health) will be changed. What you have experienced in the past, will never, and must never be changed. Like this coffe maker. But your own feelings and your own description of the inside of this coffe maker can be changed using this tool. The changes are great, the changes will cure your mental health.

With help of this tool, all the details descriptions of the bad situations in life continue to exist without any changes. But the headlines that describe other headlines that again descripe other headlines that descripe the real bad situations in life. More and more new headlines can be added, and the headlines will be more foggy. And the distance to the past will get more far away at much longer distance. As years go by, more and more details from the bad past situations will be less important, put away in the brain, and forget.

Cognitiv Therapy

With help of thoughts, feelings, body reaction, behavior. Here you can change the true, to something else. By practise exercises over and over again. With the result of less fear, and better handle of the mental disorder.

Image: cognitiv diamond

Psychological trauma

Impossible to cure psychological trauma. Help from doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists can try help small parts with care. After many years of help, maybe this psychological trauma can be smaller over the years.

The best solution is to redo 100% of the situation, place, buildings, other human, and much more. But with a positive result that would unlearn the feelings and sexuality the trauma. But this is impossible.

With this in mind used to create this great tool, but very difficult tool to master, that can help psychological trauma are by using 2 different cognitiv diamonds. One diamond have all the old information stored. While the other diamond have the information about the realtime now in the current situation and place. The 2 diamonds must be keept apart, but the feelings, fragrance, sound, sexuality, and more can be mixed with information from old time and the new from right now. With very difficult psychological therapy it is possible to create a new 3. modified cognitiv diamond with chances to the feelings and sexuality to more positive happy calm feelings.

Feelings and sexuality does not understand realistic sensible thoughts in a give situation. All feelings and sexuality remember both bad and good experiences. But feelings and sexuality can only be modified by repeted psychological therapy exercises.

Algorithm: [ cognitiv diamond with old psychological state ] - [ cognitiv diamond with psychological state right now in realtime ] = [ the resulting changes to cognitiv diamond, with changes to feelings and sexuality ]

Cure Old Wound Therapy

This method will use the "Cognitive Therapy" in a more practical way.

Try to cure the injury made by my bad behaved coworkers, on the workplace, back in year 2002. A tool to do so, is to find somewhere that does feel like, sounds like, smell like, look like the workplace in year 2002. Accept that my feelings, thoughts, body reaction, will react very badly in this situation. Then with Cognitive Therapy, try to create new feelings, to replace the bad feelings from the past. It's like accept something from the past "fall down from the cabinet", work a little with the bad feelings, and thoughts. And put the result back on the cabinet again.
This will help me to relax more, when doing this therapy over and over again. I must accept that my body and mind, still continue to remember what I was exposed to, by my bad coworkers in year 2002.


Create virtualized "not real existing" humans in your memory. Try to bring your problems to the virtualized humans, and try to be free from the problems, when the virtualized humans (your helpers) try to help you. Then you will be freed from your fear, or other problems for a while. This is great when you want to have a calm sleep.
Visualizing can also be used to create "enviroments", "rooms", "sound", that can make you feel better.


Cosiness reduces anxiety and unpleasant thoughts from past unpleasant experiences, but uses a lot of energy and time.

Victim offender therapy

The offer must learn to see everything from both the victims and offenders site. Both social, job, education, feelings, sexuality, thoughts, actions, issues, results, and more.

de-stress tools


de-anxiety tools


de-depression tools


Social Psychological Therapy

Experimental tools to look at the social connections and influence between people. This tool looks on the connection between people in relation to "social connection", "influence between people", feelings, and sexuality. With this tool you can try to cure problems on your feelings and sexuality.

The best help I can find are repeating small tasks so the feelings, and sexuality in releation to other people, and in relation to your own sexuality as a human. Keep repeating and relearn the situations, places, smells, noice, and more, that makes flash back from the past with bad experience with bad coworkers. You can't modify your feelings, and sexuality with talk therapy, but you can relearn the things, and hopeful better forget the bad experience from the past. The relearn process must be repeated from now and to the ' end of your life. Because your psyche always tries to remember all your good and bad experiences. Including bad times with bullying. This can create flashback with the bad expeciences from the past.

Help cure atypical behavioral pattern

Too much stress and too much anxiety can result in "atypical behavioral pattern". It can result in dangerous situations. Like when you drive a car, and observe a very dangerous situations and you must push the break pedal in the cat as fast as possible. But thus situation also makes stress and anxiety. It can result in that your thoughts can't activate a body reation that move the food from the speed pedal to the break pedal. This can result in a very bad situation.

This example is one by many that can be made from "atypical behavioral pattern". The problem, anxiety feelings must be work on with different tools to make the anxiety as low as possible, and try to make other situations in the future result in less dangerous situations.

It it very important to know that you can't be both "patient" mode and "doctor" mode at the same time. Because of that you can still end in dangerous situations. You can only work with your "atypical behavioral pattern", when you are in "doctor" mode, and you are not in dangerous situations, then you can allow your feelings and your senses to be activated in small amount. Accept you will get a little sick, and now you can work with the tool Cognitiv Therapy. The work with the Cognitiv Therapy tool must be repeated many times over many years, because you are a human, not a computer.

Rename, relearn

This tool is almost impossible to use. But if it works then it is great. This is only a experimental tool. The reason for making this tool is because it is impossible to split the feelings and sexualitet into 2 different parts with one for the bad old experiences, and another for the right feelings right now. You can modify your feelings with the tool Cognitiv Therapy, but this is another situation than split the feelings.

Learn to react on the right feelings, and not to react on the wrong feelings ?

1) Rename a place, object, building, person, or another thing that makes fear. So the new name don't make fear any more. A rename could be like a "black box". The "black box" will from now on have the bad experience from the past inside of it.

2) Recreate the renamed object with the old name, and start relearn all the feelings, sensitive, visual, physical, smell and more. Like a child you must learn all feelings from new. Especialy the positive lovely feelings must be learned.

3) If this tool works, then in about many years it will be possible to remove the "black box" from your feelings. And help you forget the bad experiences in the past. You will always have flashback problems with the bad experiences from the past. This tool only tries to cure your feelings and sexuality problems.

Distraction of mental problems

Distraction of mental problems can happen with radio, TV, video, go for a walk, stay in nature, have fun with other nice people, do a task with other people.








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