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Project "Simple counseling of protection against hacking and cyber crime to uneducated people"

Uneducated people have big problems in the protection of there home and electronic gagets. It is an endless life long fight between the product makes and the criminals. It would also be endless renewed education the to users, in the name of protect there gagets. The typical hacker is a young male, it can be sombody from the internet, or it can be your neighbor. It could also be somebody on your street with wireless connection.

As a start point we define weak points in our network and gagets like our WAN, LAN and wireless LAN. And we start looking on solutions like encryption, VPN, firewall and antivirus software. No solution is perfect, and the user or the gagets can always be tricked. But we can make it harder for hackers.

You can always start buying antivirus solution with built-in firewall, antivirus, e-mail filter, VPN solution, and much more. Companies can do more, but consumers have limited knowlegde and need help from a simple trusted spl_autoload_functionsthat is easy to install and use.






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