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Project "VPN Virtual Software Computer"

While everything on the computer, connected network, and the internet can be hacket. Then I will try to descripe the problems, and try to find some solutions. When computers, LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), and the internet was born then security was not implemented from the beginning into the hardware and software. Security was added atop later on. As times goes and cyber criminals get better tools for cyber criminalty then security is very important. Today in year 2021 all users will always live with the risk to be target by cyber criminals from worldwide. And there are countries who spy on there population. Countries to stop unwanted part of the population to speak freely. You can do what the bad criminal leader of the country rules, or you can get years in prison.

How does computers and network and software look today ?

All devices and computers communicate with no encryption on the network.
All USB connected hardware communicate with no encryption with the computer.
Mouse, keyboard, computer screen ( GUI - graphical user interface), webcam, microphone, disk drives can all be compromised by hackers.
Is it possible to use your computer when safty always is a problem ?
But there will always be a weak point where hackers can force them in, no matter what protection in use by the users and companies. Hackers can hide themself and make it difficult for police to search and catch the criminals. We can only make the hacking difficult, but never impossible.

Year 2021 can be descriped as a year of untrusted computers, devices, networks, internet and more. The untrust is made by humans from hacker groups and states destroy the trust by creating backdors, hacking and forcing into computers and networks. And try to force money out of victims. Criminals are today doing there criminal work without being seen by cameras or other traces that can get them captured, put before a judge, and sent to prisoned.

Sure we can disconnect all computers and go back to the life without computers in the 1980s. But that would be a major sitback for the population today.

What can we change to make hacking harder ?

It is difficult to encrypt all hardware and network data, while the computer should know what to do with the data on the computer, It is like speak a foreign language to avoid any unwanted person to understand the conversation.

There are many different attack points the chriminals kan use. It is a huge work to list all attack points and close all weak points in computers, network, operating system, applications, drivers, and external hardware connected to the computer. You need som degree of IT and network knowledge to do all that work. And it will always take some time to close the weak problems, and continue watch your network and computer for new hacking attempts. Normaly VPN is used for the encrypted network on the untrusted internet. In this project everything is encrypted, there are no trust anywhere.

Analysys if the different cyber attack points.

All hardware needs to separately communication protocol, and all the encrypted data. No encrypted data is allowed to escape the encrypted virtual computer. The computer hardware must never be able to know what is running inside the virtual computer. So hacking of the physical computer hardware newer get access to anything in the virtual computer, including virtualized operating system and data. Computer mouse and keyboard used to work with the computer and give commands and data input are difficult to project from hacking. Encryption must happen in the hardware of the mouse and keyboard, and data never encrypted befure the encrypted virtual operating system is getting the data and encrypt the data before use in the virtual operating system and applications. The default host operating system and drivers running on the hardware is as minimum as possible, only work is the communication with drivers and different hardware connected, and communication with the encrypted virtuel computer. User data in the encrypted virtual computer never escape the virtuel computer in clear text, so data will always be encrypted on the Network. Only the encrypted virtual computer on the recipient computer or server will be able to encrypt the data from the client computer. No trace og tracking must be able to follow or read the data between the client and server. This will make the network protocol difficult for the router and switch to be able to move the data between the server and client. Because the router and switch must not be able to read the user data from inside the encrypted virtual computer. A more difficult problem is the graphics card in the computer where the graphics card my not allowed to know what data is sent to the graphics card. Because the cyber attacker can read the data sent to the graphics card when data in clear text.

As seen from my writing it would be impossible to encrypt and protect everything with our compouter and network connection, there will always be one or more cyber attack points that the criminals can use. This fight between the bad criminals and consumers will exist forever.






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