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Name: Allan Heinsvig

Born: 1. february 1972

Personal state: Single
I am looking for a new girlfriend, with interests like musician, electronics, software development, or IT science.

In my life I will search for a girlfriend that will help me create a family life together with me. And give me new knowledge and help, with my interests of IT and Music at university level. And make space for family life, with including: IT, music, family, nature, animals, children, and more.

My Life identity: IT (both hardware and software development)

My goal of my life: As long I am single, without wife and children, Then I will spend all my time on free and open source software development projects for Linux.

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish
2. language: English (Everybody in Denmark can speak english, more or less)
3. language: German

Political view:
- More money, help, care to old people, sick people, poor people.
- Educate children and sick people to software development and system maintenance of open source software like Linux.
- Help all refugees, immigrats, foreigners learn Danish and English languages.
- Sick people must be taken seriously and helped by well-trained professionals. While criminals must be punished for their actions.
* What I dislike of the political and danish community, will not be mentioned here.

Education: Elektroniktekniker (Electronics Technician)

Education: Datatechnology (Electronics engineer and Software engineer). Broken education because of too much new knowledge, at too short time. Impossible for me to study and learn so fast, as that university education.

Education: Datamatiker (Software developer)

Practical experience with IT since 1985

Renewed updated IT education: None (Tiny renewed knowledge from sparetime)

Possible future education: IT Developer + psychologist, both at university level

If I marry a psychologist: Then I could call myself "eternity students in psychological knowledge". With all the knowledge I have collected and learned, to help myself.

Today I am happy working:
My knowledge about computer electronics and computer software development are very broad knowledge. I am happy to learn new knowledge every day, and I am happy to use my knowledge every day.
IT expert, read and learn Linux and open source development all day long.
IT expert, read news on the Internet about Open Source all day long.
IT support (IT system administration professional), by using my IT educations and knowledge for solving problems in Linux.
Free and Open source software development for Linux.
Writing documentation, tutorials, source code examples, about the use of Linux, and about open source software development.
Creating many links on my website, where I find good knowledge that others can read and learn from.
I will focus my time on small selection of programming languages, frameworks and libraries. I will not use other development languages because I can't learn and remember everything.

Education names and knowledge in the educations does change over time. Because the schools try to create new educations, that educate and prepare people to take care of the new jobs in the companies right now.
If I search for a new danish education that is the closest education today, compared to my own 2 educations from the past, and close to my IT and electronics interests, and IT experience since 1985.
Then the nearest education that I can find is named "Electronics and IT" danish flag .

Used company name for my own projects: AHSoftware

Danish law force me to specific rules. Because of "flexjob for sick people in jobs".
Fleksjob er med til at sikre, at mennesker med nedsat arbejdsevne får adgang til arbejdsmarkedet. danish flag

There are also danish laws for "Early retirement pension awarded" people like my new situation.

Primary economic resource:
Early retirement pension awarded, low salary (for mental sick people)

Open source software and hardware related:
Advice, guidance, help, hardware and software customization, and support jobs makes extra money.

Help companies and schools transition to open source software and hardware solutions only:
Can also make extra money.

Company CVR-number: 0

License: GNU GPLv3 , FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) , for all my projects

If your software does not fully comply with the GPL you will need a commercial license!

No commercial or proprietary license available for my projects, but you are welcome to fork all my open source projects.

All my projects are available as free download, and free to use and modify.

Why am I slow working on my projects ? Because I need more knowledge, books, renewed education, source code examples, documentation, and developers to exchange knowledge together with.

If there is criticism of my slow projects, I will respond to other software developers like this. Please help me with the projects, or you can do the software development by yourself.

Content in my life ? It is much better I am working with my educations and interests every day. Instead I sleep all day, watching TV and getting bored. I have no wife and children I can take care of, and use my time on. My IT educations are too old for companies to use, so I can only work on my own open source software development projects.






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