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Project "Comal80 compiler / transpiler"

Project "Comal80 compiler / transpiler", the development of the old 1980's Comal80 compiler and transpiler, that compiles from Comal80 to C++ and Python. The compiler is created for use by children that can learn Comal80, and later learn C++ and Python development languages. The framework and libraries are created as object oriented classes and modules with reduced functionality, but more easy to use. There are building blocks for GUI (Graphics User Interface), TUI (Terminal Textmode User Interface), network, graphics, animation, audio, MIDI, video, encryption, network encryption, chat, video meeting, and much more.

Your old 1980s Comal80 is not here, but a renewed version is under development slowly.
Goal and target for this Comal80 compiler / transpiler project are children and there parents.

Comal80 is a mix of the development languages Basic and Pascal. I will change my version of the Comal80 more into the Pascal language with object oriented programming. With the use of object oriented programming, I will add libraries with classes and modules with predefined functionality. Hide the difficult from other development languages and libraries. And make this project cross platform.

As always, if I am too slowly developing this Comal80 compiler project, then you are always welcome to create your own Comal80 project.

Compiler theory

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History and Comal80 syntax

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Comal80 syntax, and my own addon of objects and new syntax and functionality

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Development of the transpiler that compile Comal80 into C++ and Python

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My addon framework, libraries, modules, classes, functionality

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