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We are happy to receive refugees and the sick and wounded from countries that are unfortunately at war. But criminal people, people who with a different faith and perception of how they want Denmark changed to a different society, politics, legislation, judicial system, faith, dress, human view and more. We find it difficult to help these people in Denmark. The Danes propose to send the criminals back to their home countries where they come from, where they can better live according to their own laws and rules. Denmark is a Christian country, we have a well-functioning democracy, freedoms to express ourselves about what we want. Criminals are caught, charged, convicted and punished according to the laws passed by the Danish people's government.

Mainpage with a list of my projects

My projects makes work and fun for myself. My projects can also be inspiration for other developers.

Project "Linux addon" Project page Project download

Addon projects for Linux Fedora.

Project "Music projects" Project page Project download

My own music projects.

Project "Remote Desktop Wall Socket Computer Client" Project page Project download

Remote Desktop Wall Socket Computer Client. Deskless Thin Client computer in a wall socket.

Project "RETRO: Recreate applications with textmode interface" Project page Project download

Recreate applications, or modify applications to use textmode user interface

Project "Ambient Studio" Project page Project download

Ambient Studio is a special made DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that Help make ambient and trance music on the fly. You can both create, modify, loop, add effects, change sounds, at the same time as you perform for the listeners, like make live session on YouTube.

Project "Linux Fedora Thin Client REMIX" Project page Project download

Create a Linux Fedora REMIX that work as a thin client. The thin client can connect to other computers using different protocols, using different encryption tools, and also try to allow transfer of video, audio, and MIDI.

Project "Emulate Hardware Arranger Keyboard in Software solution only" Project page Project download

Recreate the GUI of existing hardware arranger keyboards, but everything behind the GUI is recreated of a software synthesizer that emulate the hardware arranger keyboards. This project is not a COPY-CAT-CLONE, but a emulation software that try to emulate the real hardware.

Project "Remote Rescue boot" Project page Project download

Boot Linux into special enviroment that allow remote access, and remote rescue of installed operaring system and data. Also provide access to upgrade and change packages and data in Linux Fedora from remote computer. For better security it is a good idea to useone-time password on both "remote computer" and "the buggy computer".

Project "Desktop Linux" Project page Project download

Test if Linux Fedora is ready as a Desktop Operating System, replacing Microsoft Windows, og Apple MacOS. What does Linux missing before it can compite with proprietary operating systems. What do to before users will switch to Linux, and begin learning and using open source software.

Project "Move from Windows 11, jump into use Linux" Project page Project download

With Microsoft Windows 11 there are hardware limits that make many computers old. With Linux you can use old computers for many more years in the future. This project will try to help the "payed software" to install and run on Linux. Or it's time to make new computers build for Linux, not for Windows 11.

Project "Write documentation and tutorials" Project page Project download

I will write about open source software development. It takes a lot of time to read and learn new knowledge that I can use in my open source development projects. This is the reason it takes long time to collect new knowledge and write about this new knowledge. As a software developer you are welcome to do the work by yourself,

Project "Comal80 transpiler" Project page Project download

My project Comal80 is targeted as compiler for children. You can transpile Comal80 into C++, and Python, and generate binary code that the computer can run. Much of the original Comal80 code examples are difficult to find.

Project "Open Source Developer chat, knowledge exchange, cooperation, bugfix" Project page Project download

Open Source Developer chat, knowledge exchange, cooperation, bugfix. With both a text terminal user interface, and a graphical interface. The security must be as good as possible, to be able to also work on security related projects together, thru the chat.

Project "BUGFIX IDE" Project page Project download

Extract source code from GIT, RPMS, or other source locations. Load the source files into IDE (Integreted Development Enviroment). Be able to locate errors using the debugger, Add new code, modify old code. Compile, run, debug the source code. If no errors found then compile the source code into new RPMS package or uploade modifications to GIT.

Project "virtual electronics board" Project page Project download

My project about virtual electronic boards let children build and play with electronics components and digital and computer parts. The new computer can be installed with an operating system and applications. Everything running in a huge virtual enviroment as a software solution.

Project "Read and collect knowledge, share knowledge" Project page Project download

I will read and collect knowledge about different subjects. And share the knowledge I have found. Make it easy for others to learn.

Project "Teach electronics and software development" Project page Project download

Teach electronics and software development, using my knowledge from my 2 IT educations and the knowledge I read and collect from the internet.

Project "Forum and chat for mental ill people" Project page Project download

Development of a forum with questions and answers to exchange knowledge between mental ill people. Creation of a chat with different rooms and subjects to chat with other mental ill people. Creation of a knowledge collection that can help mentally ill about how to handle mental problems. Collection of help and tools that the mental ill can use to help itself and others that have it hard in life.

Project "huge virtuel server park in a virtuel computer as software only solution" Project page Project download

Documentation and tutorials about how to create a large server room, with many virtualized Linux running in the sky or on a few local computers. The servers should run DNS, firewall, NAT, VPN, encryption, webserver, e-mail server, web applications, fileserver, software development tools, administrator tools to maintain the server, audio and midi and video streaming server, and much more. This solution makes open source solution that can compete other server cloud providers solutions.

Project "open source software multi package manager" Project page Project download

Development of a new open source software package manager that can use the existing package manager on all other operating systems. With this project you only needs to know how to use one package manager.

Project "protection against hacking and crime" Project page Project download

The internet and connection of many different size of computers all over the world make many great solutions for the user. And many great choices of different operating systems and applications, some applications cost money, others are free as free speech. But the internet are also more and more difficult to use because of the criminal gangs and criminal states tries to force money out of the users and companies around the world.
What can we do about it ?
What can we do with help of open source solutions like Linux ?

Project "simple counseling of protection against hacking and crime to uneducated people" Project page Project download

Help uneducated people learning about hacking and cyber crime protection with standard solutions you can buy in stores. Local Area Network, Wireless Network, Your computer, router, switch, and internet are point of weak points that a hacker can force open. All applications, internet apps you access with your web browser, and your operating system have all weak points.

Project "virtual human knowledge base" Project page Project download

Development of an application that can virtualize a human, with 3D moving graphics, connected to a huge knowledge base. Communicate with the human with webcam, microphone, and show a moving head as 3D graphics. The application is mostly a helper with answers on your questions, and a huge technical knowledge base to search for answers from.

Project "HP48 calculator" Project page Project download

Development of an application that looks and works like the HP48 calculators, and do huge range of different calculations, graphics, and easy to program new applications and plugins. HP48 compability with it's GUI and the calculators programming language is not important, More important are the flexibility and expandability by different and new calculations, graphics and programming.

Project "Cross platform framework and IDE (graphical software development enviroment)" Project page Project download

Development of a cross platform IDE for graphical software development enviroment, that you with one source code can compile to all types og computers, from desktop, servers, embedded, mobile devices and more. This project tries to use as much of tools and development language and libraries already in Linux as possible.

Project "description of the open source community, projects and collaboration" Project page Project download

The huge open source software community are a collection of individual volunteers developers and companies that work across different development projects. There source code are released as free and open source where everybody can read, learn, search for errors, modify, and compile the source code into binary code. Everybody can use the compiled binary code on there computers for free.

Project "media bridge" Project page Project download

Software bridge that run in virtual computers, or run on hardware with Linux operating system. The bridge send and receive MIDI, audio, and video between 2 points. The bridge can also send MIDI to external hardware synthesizers or audio devices. The bridge can be used as radio and television transmitter. There are endless possibilities.

Project "virtual advanced arranger" Project page Project download

Virtual arranger hosting arranger, vocoder, human voice choir, sampler, synthesizer, and much more. Everything as software solution.

Project "PXE network boot" Project page Project download

Install all Linux and BSD with help of PXE server. No user interaction needed. After installation the user are asked to enter new username and new password.

Project "Cross compiler, cross platform framework" Project page Project download

Development of a new framework that can be used by Comal80, Python, C++. And compile into different crossplatform operating systems and different hardware. The framework will use other frameworks and libraries as backend, and build modules and object oriented classes on top. This result in easy to use framework, and reduces the functionality and possibilities you can do.

Project "Universal customization GUI and framework" Project page Project download

Hide Linux, and emulate Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX and other operating systems thru the GUI and terminal. This help users to come to Linux, and help software developers make programs for Linux.

Project "Cross platform VST/AU/RTAS virtual music instrument plugin system" Project page Project download

There are no open source cross platform alternatives to AU/VST/RTAS. This project will try to find a solution, and create a new cross platform framework that can the same as the proprietary plugin system. No more need for proprietary plugin for cross platform DAW, effects, virtual synthesizers, and much more. One API, one code will be able to compile to cross platform with this new plugin system, and wotk together with other proprietary plugins. This new plugin will bridge to all existing proprietary host and plugins. And act as host or plugin for open source cross platform applications. This project will be able to transfer MIDI, audio, video, internet/network collaboration with remote musicians. This project will create new framework API with finished modules, with C++ and Python classes ready to build virtual music instruments fast.

Project "Cross compiling" Project page Project download

Cross compile from any development language of your choice, to Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, BSD, Open Solaris, and more. Only with the use of existing frameworks and libraries in Linux. What is possible today, and what development work are needed.

Project "VPN virtual software computer" Project page Project download

VPN virtual software computer, running on computer hardware. Everyshing is encrypted and virtualized because the risk for hacking of LAN, WAN, and ypur computer is high. This makes computer imposible to run highly realtime applications, and force all connected hardware. screen and keyboard and network to be connected with VPN LAN connections. Nothing is trusted or secure.

Project "modules development language" Project page Project download

With predefined software modules with less functionality and easy to use for the developer. Connect modules together with very few lines of source code. With plugins the development language can be extended with new functionality. Only very few parameters and functionality is free to use, making the development easy for new developers and children. This project is almost a "no code" development language.

Project "Cloud computing" Project page Project download

What is possible with cloud computing now and in the future.

Project "Linux Fedora Edu" Project page Project download

Linux Fedora + Education applications and development languages. Education related applications for ude by children and young people. Use for learning about software development or for use when educate in different school subjects.

Project "Transformer" Project page Project download

Use Linux as backend, and run other operating systems like Microsoft Windows, or Apple MacOS on top, The virtualisation must be as little as possible, and GUI must hide Linux, and only show the guest GUI. This solution is like exchange the kernel of the guest operating system, and swap it to run Linux kernel as the replacement as the backend.

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